Dear Santa, For Christmas I would like…

Dear Santa,

I don’t know if I’ve been strictly ‘Good’ this year. It depends on your definition, or maybe your point of view. I’ve gotten by, at least. I’ve helped where I could and haven’t deliberately hurt anyone. Honestly, I think the while Naughty/Nice binary is a little too simplistic for such a nuanced world. And I’m probably too old to be writing you, but you’re kind of a last resort. There are things we all need, and the universe, the marketplace, and the government aren’t delivering, so I’m asking you.

  1. A pony (unrealistic item I don’t really expect)
  2. A baby Brother or Sister (Over the top request that I don’t really want, but I want you to feel you can’t say no to the rest of my list, having disappointed me on 1 and 2.)
  3. #FairPayForNursing I want the government to pay NHS nurses more. They are not just the backbone, but the whole skeletal structure of the NHS. Over the last decade, they have received below cost-of-living wage increases, which in real terms amounted to pay cuts. With inflation now skyrocketing, Nurses are 20% worse off then they were 12 years ago, so the demand for a 19% pay increase is not an unrealistic or inflated demand. Nurses provide treatment, administer medicines, monitor results, while dealing with ‘Just a Nurse’ disrespect, abuse and violence. It is a highly skilled, highly trained profession and should be paid as such. People making Life and Death decisions should not be wondering where their next meal is coming from or skipping meals to feed their kids. Nurses should not have to use Food Banks. It’s pointless to #ClapforCarers. It’s better to pay them properly.
  4. #wealthtax, #windfalltax, #capitalgainstax I want a more equitable tax system. I want to government to tax the rich, tax their donors. There is a vast sea of money out there that the government refuses to touch because of ‘Conservative Ideology’ ie: greed. When the wealthy talk about how much they pay on taxes, they always give the dollar amount. Saying they paid £10,000,000 in taxes sounds like a lot, but it’s not. Billionaires on average pay 3.4% in taxes. I pay 20%. They should pay the same percentage as everyone else. The government says to pay public sector workers in line with inflation would cost an extra £12-15 Billion. Taxing Capital Gains at the same rate as wages would raise £17 Billion. The money is right there. Even Energy companies are calling for a windfall tax. They have the money and are willing to pay it. (I expect they see the writing on the wall, that if they don’t pay it willingly, the next government may consider Re-Nationalising utilities.) But the government refuses to take money from the people who have it. They prefer to take more away from those who have little enough to begin with.
  5. #GeneralElectionNow Our current Prime Minister is in office by the will of 200 MPs. We need to re-instate democracy. We need to do it before the government implements it’s bogus Voter ID requirements which discriminate against young voters. Actually, we need them to drop the Voter ID scheme altogether as Voter Fraud is even less of a threat than naughty list.
  6. I would like a government who can see beyond their own immediate self interest and recognise that we all do better when we ALL do better. I saw a study that offered children aged 2-6 a piece of chocolate now, or a bar of chocolate in a half hour. Up to age 4, they all take the chocolate now; after, they wait for more later. I would like a government over the mental age of 4, that’d be great.

As I said, not things that come out of Santa’s Workshop. (By the way, are the Elves well paid, with vacation time and benefits? Are they unionised? If they’re not, I’m totally writing to the wrong person). But they are not unachievable, and don’t require societal effort. A few people in the cabinet could fix, or at least ease, the situation, but they choose not to.

So chances are, Santa, you can’t give me what I want this Christmas, but thank you for your time.

Sincerely, Sheila Power (age 50 years and 11 months)

PS In lieu of societal change, could you fill my stocking with lumps of coal? It would come in handy.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Love it!


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