See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil but the evil is still there

There’s a new law in Arizona. It is now illegal to film police activities from a distance of less than eight feet. Any closer and you are deemed to be interfering with law enforcement as they enforce the law.

Isn’t that nice of them?

They don’t want the public to be troubled by all the viral videos of police brutality, so they’re making sure no one gets a good view of it. And I assume, when the police stop a young black man for going 1 mile over the speed limit and he records the interaction on his phone, it give the police another reason to charge him (or, lets face it, it’s the US, shoot him).

Lawmakers in Texas are so concerned about the psychological welfare of (white) schoolchildren that they want to edit textbooks and change the word ‘Slavery’ to ‘Involuntary Relocation.’ I don’t know what they want to call the labour ‘Involuntarily Relocated’ did. An enforced exercise regime? Mandatory agricultural training?

I’m detecting a trend here. ‘We Don’t talk about Bruno. No. No. No” We don’t talk about anything at all. If you don’t film the police violence, it’s easier to pretend it’s and isolated incident, or that the victim provoked it. Except it’s not, and they didn’t, and if we don’t keep talking about it, it will keep happening.

Slavery is an ugly word, so let’s use different words. Less inflammatory words. Sadly, softening the words doesn’t soften the suffering and tragedy that was inflicted on Black People. And the words used need to be upsetting, disturbing, inflammatory. To soften the words is to dismiss the hardship, torment and misery of millions of people.

There’s always been a lot of euphemistic language to disguise sexual assault. Jeffrey Epstein, Prince Andrew, Matt Gaetz cases refer to ‘Underage Women.” First, and underage woman is a girl. Second, is if someone is under the age of consent they cannot give consent. Third, non-consensual sex is Rape. Not statutory rape, not date rape, just rape. Stop trying to make it sound more palatable.

Words are important. Acknowledging things for what they are is important. And you can’t remedy something if you don’t identify it. The US is still trying to decide what happened on January 6th. The Republicans, Donald Trump and Fox News insist it was a small spontaneous protest with lots of tourists caught up in it. Everyone else has watched the videos of that day and call it an armed insurrection. (I mean, they built a gallows. You don’t spontaneously build a gallows). But the Republicans fluctuate between, ‘nothing to see here, move along’ and ‘they were right to rebel because the election was stolen.’

The current culture of denial is really pissing people off. A little accountability, the occasional straight answer, would go a long way.

Lack of accountability (and his unapologetic dumbfuckery) led to the Downfall of Boris Johnson. He could never admits he’d done anything wrong when he clearly, provably had. His inability to admit Brexit wasn’t a roaring success, his early dismissal of the covid pandemic, Partygate, Pincher’s pinching; he clutches his pearls and denies, he demands we move on from the discussion that he refused to participate in. He exhausted the patience of the Public, his party, even his own Cabinet, as they could not muster the will to publicly apologise for him yet again.

(Side note; watch his resignation speech. He admits no fault. It was herd mentality turning the cabinet against him. Ignoring the fact that the Cabinet couldn’t agree on the time of day, but could agree to ditch Boris.)

The Contenders for the Tory leadership would do well to learn from BoJo’s failings, but somehow I doubt that will happen. Most of them have some things they would like the public to ‘move on from.’ In some cases it might just be use of the phrase ‘Move on.”

Like Rishi Sunak would probably like everyone to focus on his work over the Pandemic; the Furlough Scheme, business support programs, Eat out to Help out, etc. I imagine he wants less scrutiny on the fact he kept trading with Russia for a Month after the Invasion of Ukraine, or that his multi-millionaire wife avoided paying £20 million in taxes while he was Chancellor. A good start would be her paying back taxes. Show us the money; then we can move on.

My biggest beef against Liz Truss is that she is a sycophantic follower of Boris. She was quoted saying the British Public want to ‘Move On’ from Partygate. At that point, there were still many revelations to come, and as a member of the British Public, I’ll thank NOT to speak for me. She’s the one who needs to move on… from Boris. I’ve no idea if she has a single thought or policy that didn’t come from BoJo the Clown.

I do get annoyed when Politicians tell us to move on. Tom Tugendhat was asked if he considers Trans Men to be men and Trans Women to be women. His answer; We need to move on from the Trans question. No Tom, you need to ANSWER the Trans Question. I tried that in school exams; just ‘Move on’ from the question when I didn’t know the answer. The Teachers were not amused. Now I know why.

In recent years, David Cameron apologised for Bloody Sunday. He would have been 6 at the time. He may be a devout Tory, but I doubt he had much to do with the massacre. Prince William and Prince Charles have ‘acknowledged the suffering of the slave trade.’ Not quite an apology, but let’s be honest, they didn’t do it.

I suppose it’s a step forward, getting politicians apologising for the things they didn’t do. Now, If they could start ACKNOWLEDGING and APOLOGISING for the things they did do, If they could look they’re actions square in the face, without softened language and justification, MAYBE then, we can start to fix things.

Healing can’t happen until we know how bad the wounds are.

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