Does Everyone’s Opinion actually matter?

I just got rejected by a YouGov poll. “We’re sorry, you do not qualify for this survey.” The people that pester everyone for their opinions on everything, don’t want my opinion. That’s harsh.

But it’s fine, really, I’m not offended. I didn’t want to give an opinion anyway. Actually, when it comes to opinions, I think I’m tapped out. Exhausted. The last few years have just been one damn thing, one damn ‘think’ after another and I’m done. Less than a third of the way on, this decade has beaten me. I concede, wake me when it’s 2030.

It’s ironic, isn’t it. News media and social media give us numerous outlets for our opinions, encourage us to express ourselves, ‘let us know what you think in the comment section below.’ It didn’t used to be like that. The News was presented, in the paper or on TV. They were letting us know what was going on. They didn’t care what we thought about it. If you did have an opinion, you could write a letter to the newspaper. No guarantee it would be published; no guarantee it would be read.

It’s different now. Media companies are actively seeking responses from the audience, and then reporting those opinions. I suppose it’s easier than finding and reporting real stories. Everyone and their dog has either a podcast or a blog. The powers-that-be want to know what we think. Or at least they say they do. The opinions of the masses are listened to in only the most superficial way. In a “How can we spin our evil plan to make it look like we’re doing what they want” kind of way.

And the News is just too much these days. The 24/7/365 news cycle takes up too much of our time and attention. Again, harken back to the days of the 6 o’clock news, a one hour window to the world, after which you watched Wheel of Fortune or Coronation St. The days of the printed newspaper, which you could glance at, use as a makeshift rain covering, and then discard. Now, the news is always on TV, there is always another story, or a different take on whatever the latest crisis is. Now, we get constant news alerts to our smartphones, every few minutes a beep and a headline. And sadly, the smartphone cannot be used to keep off the rain and god help you if you discard the device.

It’s exhausting. And I am, for the moment, out of opinions.

Russia is poised to invade and re-absorb Ukraine. I know it’s important. I don’t care.

Covid restrictions are lifting (again), infection rates are rising (again) as are death rates (again). I’ll wear a mask over my nose and mouth and a second one over my eyes and ears, because I just can’t the deja vu I’m getting from the headlines.

Rampant government corruption: Let me know when they stop talking about how terrible it is and start doing something about it.

Cost of Living crisis: See Above.

Climate Change: Ditto.

The same for Institutional Racism, Sexism, Rise of Right-wing Nationalism, Wealth gap, Wage gap, etc. etc.

Everyone has an opinion, but opinions aren’t enough (says the lady writing a blog.) I’m tired of hearing what people think. I’ll pay attention again when they report what people do.

Until then, I’m out of opinions.

But feel free to comment on and share this blog.

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